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HealthVault® Connect integrates HVClientLibPHP to connect drupal to Microsoft® HealthVault®.

HealthVault® Connect is not a ready-to-use HealthVault® application, but provides the API to build those apps using drupal. Therefore HealthVault® Connect currently provides

  • an administration interface to setup your app and the HealthVault instances it should be connected with
  • an optional block with a Connect / Disconnect link
  • the redirect handling required to authenticate a user against a HealthVault® Instance


HealthVault® Connect is a standard drupal module.
But before you use it you have to ensure that HVClientLibPHP is properly installed.

Drupal 7

HealthVault® Connect 7.x-1.0 depends on a newer version HVClientLibPHP, which should be installed via composer to manage all it's requirements. Therefor HealthVault® Connect 7.x-1.0 depends on Composer Manager.

First you have to simply install Composer Manager and HealthVault® Connect. Than you have to follow the installation instructions of Composer Manager to install the required libs.

Beside Composer Manager, HealthVault® Connect depends on the drupal modules PSR-3 Watchdog to log Errors to watchdog and Variable to allow localized settings in multilingual drupal installations.

Drupal 6

HealthVault® Connect 6.x-1.0 depends on an older version of HVClientLibPHP, which could still be easily installed by pear including all requirements:

pear channel-discover
pear channel-discover
pear install biologis/HVClient

Usage for Developers

HealthVault® Connect gives you a ready-to-use instance of a HVClient object.

Drupal 7.x

$hv = healthvault_connect_get_connection();

Drupal 6.x

$hv = healthvault_connect_get_connection();

Status / Road Map

First HealthVault® Connect has been a proof of concept for drupal 6 only. But these are the features we will work on:

  • drupal 7 migration (done)
  • views 3 integration
  • use HealthVault as external authentication provider
  • ...

To achieve these goals additional contributors are welcome!


bio.logis offers users of and a way to upload their diagnostic reports to HealthVault®.

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