GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud module can be used to easily collect data entered by users through online forms and then automatically incorporate that data into PDF or Word document templates. It’s a convenient method of generating standard documents where user-specific details are required to be filled in for each individual partner/customer (for instance, quotes, contracts, invoices, etc.).

To setup the automated document assembly process, simply install the GroupDocs module on your Drupal website and then follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a template by adding merge fields to a document you want to be assembled. Both PDF and Word document formats are accepted.
  2. Upload the template to your GroupDocs account.
  3. Design an online questionnaire that corresponds with the fields in the template. You can create questionnaires right from the GroupDocs interface.
  4. Embed the questionnaire into one of your Drupal web pages.
  5. Invite users to complete the questionnaire. For each user that completes the questionnaire, a new document will be created, containing the data entered by the user.

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