Configuration page for the formatter: enable Grid Field Formatter with a number
Display of multi-value image and product reference fields, with table layouts wi

As an attempt to provide a solution to:

How do I format a multi value field as a grid?

the Grid Field Formatter module provides a simple way to overridde the display of multi-value fields to show as a grid/table with a certain number of columns.

This module has no pretention of implementing any field: it is not a Table field, such as TableField, or CCK Table Field.
It's just a formatter (display) to render multi-value fields with a grid/table layout instead of a list of items.

The idea behind this is to provide a simple solution, easy to use, setup, with few dependencies and trying to leverage the formatter hooks provided by #945524: Field formatter settings hooks in core to extend existing field formatters.


The code is very similar to other modules built on top of Field formatter settings, such as Linked field or Field formatter class, and it implements hook_field_formatter_settings_form_alter to add configuration options to existing formatter settings forms.
Module provides its own template file and also introduces template suggestions to allow overridding in specific cases:

  • grid-field-formatter.tpl.php
  • grid-field-formatter--[FIELD_TYPE].tpl.php
  • grid-field-formatter--[FIELD_NAME].tpl.php
  • grid-field-formatter--[FIELD_NAME]--[BUNDLE].tpl.php

It seems this function could also be achieved by using Custom Formatters (See module's tracker page for more information), or overriding Field theme files and functions, or even with Views and fields related modules (for example View reference).
Another solution would be to use the Mansory module which seems to allow display of multi-value fields in a Masonry grid layout, using Javascript.
But since this is a recurring request with such a simple and light implementation, it could be considered as a standalone module.


This module plays well and has been tested with:
Image, Lightbox2, Entity reference and Drupal Commerce Product Reference.

A pretty cool and simple setup or application of this module would be, for example, to build a simple image gallery, with thumbnails, opening in a lightbox and displayed in a grid/table layout with 5 columns:
Add a Content Type Photo Album, for example, with a multi-value Image field. Make sure Grid Field Formatter is enabled for the Image field type. Then, configure the display formatter of the image field in the Photo Album to display in a lightbox, with its multi-value thumbnails in a grid layout with 5 columns.

Another example would be to display in a table layout with 4 columns, "Related Products" provided by a multi-value Product Reference or Entity Reference field.
By enabling grid field formatter for these fields for the given view mode, the values (for example, products with an add to cart form) would display in a table/grid layout.

This module was also tested and has no conflict with Fences, and other similar modules for content display or theme utilities related with the markup of fields.

Installation and configuration:

0 - Prerequisite:
Requires Field formatter settings to be installed.

1 - Download the module and simply copy it into your contributed modules folder:
[for example, your_drupal_path/sites/all/modules] and enable it from the modules administration/management page.
More information at: Installing contributed modules (Drupal 7)

2 - Configuration:
a. After successful installation, browse to the "Grid Field Formatter" settings page (under Configuration > Content), and select the field types for which the Grid Field Formatter should be made available.

b. Then, browse to the "Manage Display" settings page, for an entity (Node content type, for example) with one of the field of the type that was selected in 2.a, to configure the formatter (See attached screenshots).
For example: the page content type:
Home » Administration » Structure » Content types » Page » Manage display

In the field formatter settings form, enable Grid Field Formatter and provide the number of columns (don't forget to save the form).

Contributions are welcome!!

Feel free to follow up in the issue queue for any contributions, bug reports, feature requests.
Tests, feedback or comments in general are highly appreciated.

This module was approved through the Project Application issue queue process at:
#1927636: Grid Field Formatter

Special thanks to DYdave for reviewing the project, testing and documentation.
This module was sponsored by DAVYIN | 上海戴文

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Development and maintenance of the module.

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