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Graphviz Styles interface

This module works as a companion to the Graphviz Filter module which integrates the versatile GraphViz tool (=> graph visualization) with Drupal. It provides an AJAX-enabled interface to create and manage graph, node and edge styles, aswell as CCK fields to allow utilizing them for generating styled graphs.

There are already a few modules trying to build upon the plain output generation capabilities of graphviz_filter to visualize structured information:

graphs nodes related via CCK nodereference fields
produces UML schematics from content type definitions (within graphviz_filter module)
graphs taxonomy terms (within graphviz_filter module)
presumably graphs workflows (within graphviz_filter module)

What has been missing up to now is a means of comfortably controlling the looks of the output graph, i.e. colors, fonts, shapes and the like. This module was created to fill that gap.


  • integrate this with the existing graph generation modules
  • views integration!
  • better support for generating HTML-like labels
  • live AJAX node editing, tooltips, free beer ...

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