This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


GovDelivery Integration with Drupal provides government agencies access to Subscription Sign Up Services, Topic Creation Services and Integrated
Transactional Messaging Services using Drupal modules.

Within the module pack you will find:

GovDelivery Signup Module

Place sign up boxes anywhere within your Drupal instance that directly integrate with the GovDelivery Digital Communication Cloud subscription
process. Once the module is enabled, you can use Blocks to place the signup box.

Must be a GovDelivery Customer

GovDelivery Taxonomy Integration Module

This taxonomy based topic creation module for Drupal integrates with GovDelivery Digital Communication Cloud to create subscription topics for
every taxonomy term or content tag within your Drupal instance, allowing website visitors to subscribe to these topics. This module requires that the RSS functionality of your Drupal site be enabled. When new content is posted and tagged or categorized, the GovDelivery Page Watch functionality automatically sends the content to the topic's subscribers.

Must be a GovDelivery Customer

GovDelivery Targeted Messaging Service (TMS) Integration Module

The TMS Integration module gives users access to GovDelivery’s bulk-mail sending infrastructure. This module replaces the backend SMTP library in your
Drupal site with calls to the GovDelivery service, so all mail sent from your site uses the GovDelivery Communication Cloud.

Must be a GovDelivery Customer

To learn more about GovDelivery please visit or send an email to


Some sections of this module were developed as part of the project and sponsored by The Executive Office of the President.

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