This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides access to the Google AJAX APIs.

It does not provide any user functonality other than the ability to add an api key.

To use this module from another module you can use the Drupal 7 drupal_add_library() function.

  drupal_add_library('googleapilibs', 'google_visualization'); 

Will load the Google Visualization API Library.

Libraries currently supported are

  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Feeds
  • Language
  • Data
  • Earth
  • Visualization
  • Friend Connect
  • Orkut

Advantages of using this module

You will not need to worry about the Google API key, or the code needed to add the libraries. You will also not have to worry about duplicating libraries in the header, if other modules use this as a dependency.

Disadvantages of using this module

Some of the advanced ways to include the libraries are not currently supported.

Status of module

I have used this module in a few scenarios and it seems to work as designed.

As there are no issues being raised and the scope of the module is small I am going to work towards a stable 1.x release.

I have updated the module to remove the need for a loader API key. Google seem to have removed the need for this.

Once this is live I will look at updating with new API versions.

Project information