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*No further development will happen on this module as Google have now killed their weather API

This module allows to get an information about the weather from Google and displays it in a many blocks.


  • Unlimited number of created blocks with forecast for different locations
  • Google Weather provide forecast for many location
  • You can specify how long forecast you need for every block seperately
  • Easy theming with *.tpl.php
  • You can choose a system of units (US (Fahrenheit) or SI (Celsius))


  1. give configure weather forecast permission to your user
  2. go to Administer › Site configuration › Weather Forecast from Google ( At this page currently you can:
    • set timeout for connection with Google (default 10 seconds)
    • choose a interesting system of units (US (Fahrenheit) or SI (Celsius))

Adding new Google Weather block

  • go to Administer › Site building › Blocks - if module was installed correctly you should see new option "Add google weather block" near "Add Block" (see Alternatively you can just type in your browser

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This module provide weather from Google.
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