Uses the Google Civic API to provide a polling place locator block and polling place display page.

The module includes the following features:

  • A sidebar block which includes a form for the site visitor's home address
  • Display of the user's polling location, early polling locations, and a link to the election official's website
  • A Google Map which displays the user's home address and voting locations
  • Administrative settings to support the display of polling places for any election which Google Civic API supports.
  • (Drupal 7 only) Display of ballot information alongside polling places.

Please note that you will need a Google API key, available from the Google API console, with access to Google Civic API and (for gmap support) Google Maps. You should use a server-side key for the Google Civic API settings, and a browser-side key for the Google Maps settings.

Furthermore, please note that this module will not work in all states quite yet as it relies on Google Civic for data and they have not yet updated data for all 50 states. For more info on the current coverage, see this discussion with updates on the Google Civic website.

Created and Sponsored by NGP VAN.

You can read our official posting on the module, and related functionality to enhance our public website clients' online organizing efforts, here.

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