Gives ordinary users and programmers the ability to show a Google Map on page with no programming required.

Just stick a simple div in the content with some special attributes and a Google Map will be displayed at that point. If you copy and paste examples. make sure Drupal's line break filter (enabled even for full HTML!) won't make the div invalid.


<div class="GMapEZ GSmallMapControl" style="width: 600px; height: 480px;">
  <a href=",%20Auckland,%20NZ"></a>

You can give specify an address or a latitude or longitude. All the available options are described in the GMapEZ manual. But note that the option to specify the address is an extension to the gmapez.js library.

Only local images are allowed. alt="Powered By GMapEZ"
style="width:73px;height:25px;border:none;" />

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