This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module gives the ability to add extra markers from a views to pre-existing map made with the GMap Module.

To use:

  1. This module must be used a page that has a Gmap Map on it. It doesn't create an actual map.
  2. Create a view:
    • It must have the longitude,latitude, and node type fields
    • It should have block view and not a page view.
    • Set view type to "GMap: Extra Markers"
  3. Place the view on page that has a GMap displayed(via blocks or panels).

The markers are added to GMap markers collection via Javascript after the page is loaded.
Use can use a GMap Macro on the view to control the settings for the markers.
GMap Macro settings for the general Map will not apply.

If the setting "rmtcallback" is set for a map using this module then the markers will have a callback "rmt" setting of: "$node_type/$node_id".
The actual url of the "rmtcallback" setting will be ignored. To set the url use a GMap Macro on original GMap.

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