This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A module which helps managing source control (GIT) for a Drupal website.
updates the site's code to a certain tag using GIT commands.
the site's admin/code maintainer can select a tag name from the available tags in the local Git repository (after fetching the tags from an upstream repository).


This module updates the code of the web site using GIT.
any change of the code might break the site and make it unavailable... so -
Backup your site before trying this setup.

Installation instructions:

This module is currently used only with Linux/Unix.

0. add to settings.php $conf['gittag_git_user'] = 'username';
set a string value with the username owning the code files (should be a different user than the user who is running the web server process).

1. create a user called gitpull.
this user must have the correct permissions to pull from the Git repository, and to update the site's code files on the web server.

2. add the webserver's user to /etc/sudoers, to allow it to git pull (www-data on Ubuntu Linux)
use the same user name as in settings.php:
example -
www-data ALL=(gitpull) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/git pull, /usr/bin/git tag -l, /usr/bin/git describe --tags, /usr/bin/git fetch --tags, /usr/bin/git checkout [[\:alpha\:]]*

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