Git Rules defines some actions, conditions and events that let's you interact git repositories.


Git Rules defines the following actions that can be used to control git repositories:

  • Initiate git repositories (git init)
  • Clone repositories (git clone)
  • Add remotes to repositories (git remote add)
  • Remove remotes to repositories (git remote rm)
  • Fetch repositories (git fetch)


Git rules has two events, both are actually triggered at the same time:

  • Post receive - Triggered when someone pushes changes into the repository
  • Post receive commit - Triggered for each commit that was received in the post receive call.


Git rules has a condition that checks if a repository exists.


Since you probably don't want your web user to write to your repositories, git rules provides a drush command that executes all actions that have been queued up. In order to get this working, you need to set up your crontab to run a drush command, git-rules-exec. This can look something like this:

*/1 * * * * [your-preferred-user] /path/to/drush --root=/path/to/site git-rules-exec > /dev/null 2>&1

If you want to use the events, you need to configure your repos to call a drush command on post receive. Add something like this to /your-repo/hooks/post-receive:

exec /path/to/drush --root=/path/to/site /path/to/repo test;

Module status

The features in this module should work as expected, but I would like to have a more git hooks, and maybe a couple of more git commands. If you feel that an action, event or condition is missing, feel free to file a patch!


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