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Screenshot of Gingko header

Ginkgo is the default theme for Open Atrium 1.0. It is beautiful in it's simplicity and it's extensibility. It is meant to be used right out of the box, but if it is not for you liking it can also be extended via a sub-theme. See this documentation on how to sub-theme Ginkgo (under Drupal 6).

Drupal 7

We're currently working on a port to Drupal 7. Here are our goals (still a work in progress!):

  • Independent of OpenAtrium: The Drupal 6 version is pretty tightly coupled to OpenAtrium 1.0. Using it outside of OpenAtrium is difficult and it has loads of code that is specific to OpenAtrium.
  • More responsive: We aren't aiming for a fully responsive theme (yet) but definitely something closer, ie: fluid width, saner mobile experience, etc.
  • Compatible with Panels, Panopoly and OpenAtrium 2.0: We're going to keep the Context layouts integration, but additionally we want a good out-of-box experience with Panels and Panopoly-based distributions (like OpenAtrium 2.0).

Help us get there by testing, reporting bug fixes and contributing patches!

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