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GeoIP Redirect uses the GeoIP API to redirect a user from your site to a different one based on their country of origin. The primary use-case is that you have 2 different markets and want to ensure users are accessing the correct form of that material. Here is a typical workflow for this module:

  • You configure module to redirect all UK page views to
  • User accesses from the US, France, etc and is granted access to the site


  • User accesses from the UK, they are granted access with a prompt on screen informing them of the UK version and asking if they'd like to go there
  • If they ignore it, it keeps showing up throughout their session, if they hit go to UK site, it takes them there.
  • There is also a checkbox for setting a cookie optionally to remember the selection


  • Admin settings page for URL to redirect to as well as country to look for
  • Cookie setting to keep track of if they said they always want to be redirected or never redirected

Some features I'm looking to add:

  • Multiple country selection to redirect to single / multiple different domains
  • User From and User Not From country inclusion / exclusion
  • Paths to exclude/include this functionality

Reasons for this module over other options:

  • You don't want to redirect to a language / translation / version of the same site, this is a totally different domain.
  • You don't want specific nodes to redirect elsewhere but the whole site or paths within a site (could be nodes)

Notice: If you have questions about how this works for cached traffic, review hook_boot before using in production.

6.x-1.x version initially sponsored by Ikonic Media

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