This email obfuscation module works similar to the technique described at the list apart article It uses an input filter to "hide" email addresses, then uses javascript to "unhide" them for normal users. You can use this module anywhere you can use input filters (node body, CCK text fields, etc). This module also implements the core contact module for non-javascript browsers in order to keep clickable email links.

Most other email obfuscation methods either remove clickable links entirely and just give you a "garbled" address, or they only keep clickable links for js-enabled browsers. The method used by this module allows both js-enabled, and non-js-enabled browsers to see a normal clickable link which they can use to contact the addressee without having to retype the address manually.

Usage Examples

Example 1

Actual link: <a href="">Example Contact</a>
What spambots see: <a href="">Example Contact</a>
What (js-enabled) visitors see: <a href="">Example Contact</a>

Example 2

Actual link: <a href=""></a>
What spambots see: <a href="">contact[at]example[dot]com</a>
What (js-enabled) visitors see: <a href=""></a>

Required Modules

  • Contact (Core module)
  • Prepopulate - Recommended Allows contact form fields to be auto-filled

Drupal 6/7 Versions

Both 1.x branches contain the same features.

Project Information