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Genesis Typo 1

Genesis Typo #1 is a subtheme for the Genesis theme framework.

You must first download and install Genesis 6.x-1.2 base theme and then install Typo #1.

Note: you must use Genesis 6.x-1.2, this sub-theme is not yet compatible with Genesis 6.x-2.x.

Typo #1 is the first in a series of Genesis subthemes that explore the concept of Typographical design. In short, the design is in the text.

Typo #1 uses large fonts and bright colors as its main concept. This is a web2 type of look, with over-sized everything (see the gigantic RSS icon for example).

The admin section is 100% re-themed to support the dark theme and bright colors idea.

I am holding this in dev release for a short while, but its very well tested and works just fine as is.

The screenshot looks a bit degraded, the actual theme is quite full on.

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