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ATTENTION! The version 1.x-dev will be not more developed or supported.

What does Gallery Assist Views?

The Gallery Assist Views module exposes Gallery Assist fields to the Views module. Very suitable to build own lists, blocks etc.

Available fields:

  • Gallery Assist: Copyright
    Image copyright
  • Gallery Assist: Counter
    Amount of images in the gallery
  • Gallery Assist: Download
    Render the download link from the original image
  • Gallery Assist: Image
    Gallery images or the cover. Can be filtered
  • Gallery Assist: Image description
    Image description
  • Gallery Assist: Image title
    Image title
  • Gallery Assist: Image-Alt
    Image alternative text
  • Gallery Assist: Pid
    The Pid of the gallery image
  • Gallery Assist: Preview Image
    The preview image

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