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This module should help to add images or extract images from zip-files and add to Gallery Assist galleries from a import folder.

What does Gallery Assist Upload and Import Helper

This module extends Gallery Assist currently with a very small help for adding multiple images to a gallery.
This help consists of the following two features.

  1. The one: Create a user import folder and make possible to add images, folders or archive files from import folder to the galleries
  2. The other: Make possible that users can upload zip files using the default node edit form from GA. The save function unpack the archive and add image files to the gallery

Now GA-UPPOR display the content of the user-import folder separated in files, directories and archives.
It can be combined with the module IMCE to get an multiuser functionality.

At the dev version from Mon, Sep 20 2010 editors can see a list of the uploaded files or folders.
Convenient than before the gallery editor can select which files, archives or directories are to be imported to the gallery.

What you have to considered

The only supported Package format is the ZIP-Format.

Project information