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full_node_version module (FNV) enhances versioning to allow draft and production views of site content witout a database roll.

Content creators often need to see a site to know when it's right. While preview is great for single pages, it falls short when publishing a bunch of linked content. What to do when preview isn't enough?

Code, of course. Full Node Version module tweaks Drupal's permissions system to provide multipage preview and a distinct view of test content. This code also enables batch moves to production -- without backing up and restoring the database.

Full Node Version - Provides test and production views of Drupal nodes. Allows content teams to preview changes without multiple databases or a database dump. FNV enables both test and production versions of the site, allowing complete preview of a test site.

FNV goes beyond versioning built into Drupal core to copy entire nodes with their comments when somebody edits a node. It then uses Drupal's permissions system to show the new nodes to the appropriate people.

See README.txt for how to install and use FNV.

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