This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

FreshLogin aims to provide a cleaner login experience, modelled after the Freshbooks login form. While the boilerplate example there looks a little plain, we really liked what we had done with ours (see image) and wanted to do the same for the Drupal applications we build.

The goal is to simplify the login/register/forgot password pages to make it clear to the user and keep them focused on the action at hand. Instead of using a custom theme and adding overhead, this module simply overrides the menu router delivery callback and supplies its own tpl, similar to how the Print module works.

Out of the box it will give you a better looking set of user/register/forgot password forms, but still be able to be overridden in your own theme via a normal tpl override.

This module is under development and not yet ready to be used in production sites.

Project Information