A simple shopping cart for sites that need to take orders for free, physical (i.e. -- non-downloadable) products.


Can you add a payment method?
No, sorry. It's freeCommerce. It always will be.
Couldn't I just use something like Drupal Commerce for this?
Probably. Commerce – let there be no confusion – is a great module. But it's also large (~ 500KB zip) and complex; it leans on other modules; it's more tightly integrated with the node system. If you know you are never going to be taking payments, this is a lightweight, flexible, and loosely-coupled alternative.
Or webform?
Webform is another module that's packed with awesome. If it works for you, that's great. The freeCommerce module allows you to add nodes to a shopping cart and then check out with one simple order form. Of course, the order form is not nearly as flexible or customizable as a webform form, but, again, you have the shopping cart functionality.
Is this really needed? Are people giving stuff away for free?
Absolutely. This module, for the record, arose from a real-life use case. Religious institutions and schools, for example, have a need for this. As do many non-profits (in fact, providing this kind of functionality is sometimes stipulated in grant contracts). Even for-profits could use this, as a way to showcase and give away swag. (Seems like a more organized, though more expensive, system than having people send SASEs.)

Initially sponsored by: Education Development Center.

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