The FoxyPal module makes it extremely easy to quick to integrate with the FoxyCart e-commerce system. This module provides:

  • Automatic inclusion of necessary css and javascript files to enable your site.
  • Theme-able shopping cart and status blocks.
  • Tight single-sign on integration with Drupal. Customers use their Drupal account to complete checkout with FoxyCart.
  • FoxyCart datafeed logging. Transactions reported by FoxyCart are logged into the Drupal logging system.

NOTE: 7.x-3.0 requires FoxyCart 2.0 or later.

One of FoxyPal's biggest benefits is to act as a substitute for UberCart's checkout process while keeping the back-end system. This allows for a quick and safe checkout experience and a versatile product administration system. The FoxyPal Ubercart Alternative module is separately enabled to provide these additional FoxyCart features:

  • Product options, such as size, color, etc
  • Product categories allowing different tax and shipping configurations
  • Purchasable roles. Allow users to purchase a Drupal role using FoxyCart

After installing the module, simply navigate to Administer -> FoxyCart for configuration and detailed help.

FoxyCart is a trademark of LLC.

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