This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Forum Thread

An implementation of a threaded forum view where pages show forum topic and comment titles in a threaded view with many forum topics on a single page. The module also adds two blocks that offer threaded display of the new and active forum topics.

The comment folding portions of this module depend on the following things being true:

  1. Comments are set to expanded threaded
  2. Within the structure of the comment there are several divs or objects at the same level. For example:
      <div class="comment-title"><h5><a href="....">My comment Title</a></h5></div>
      <div class="comment-body">Comment Body</div>
      <div class="comment-extra-stuff">Extra comment stuff</div>
      <div class="even-more-comment-stuff">Whatever this might be</div>
  3. In Administer >> Content >> Forum Thread you must set the CSS selector for your comment titles. ("div.comment-title" in the example above).
  4. There is an optional setting within Forum Thread to allow you to exclude the first match for the CSS Selector from folding. This is necessary if your forum node title shares the same selector and you don't want it to fold.

This module is incompatible with the Organic Groups Forum module.

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