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Module creates possibility to quickly add (by UI) placeholders to all textfields in any form on site.

Video tutorial made by Hans RiemenschneiderHow to use the Form Placeholder module.


  • Convert labels of single textfield or entire form to its placeholder.
    Module in action
  • For old browsers not supporting HTML5 placeholder attribute uses jQuery Placeholder plugin by Mathias Bynens.
  • Targeted textfields can be entered in textarea as CSS selectors.
  • Convert form elements by classes.
    • form-placeholder-[include/exclude]-children
      Include/exclude all children of given class.
    • form-placeholder-[include/exclude]
      Include/exclude single element.
  • Integration with Form API by #form_placeholder attribute to convert elements.
    // Convert all children in given form
    function MY_MODULE_form_FORM_ID_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {
      $form['#form_placeholder'] = TRUE;
    // Convert single form element
    function MY_MODULE_form_FORM_ID_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {
      $form['my_element']['#form_placeholder'] = TRUE;


(Optional but recommended) Libraries module with jQuery Placeholder plugin if you want have fallback support for older browsers (i.e. IE 8 and older).

Installation and configuration

  1. Install Form Placeholder (form_placeholder) module as usual.
  2. Go to configuration page at "admin/config/user-interface/form-placeholder".
  3. Specify CSS selectors for textfields you want to add a placeholder.
  4. For older browsers not supporting "placeholder" attribute you have to:
    1. Install the Libraries module
    2. Download jQuery Placeholder plugin with one of following methods:
      Via Drush command:
      drush download-placeholder-library
      Using Drush Make:
      Example usage of makefile can be found in form_placeholder.make.example
      1. Download jQuery Placeholder plugin from
      2. Rename downloaded directory to "jquery.placeholder" and place it under "sites/all/libraries" so the file "sites/all/libraries/jquery.placeholder/jquery.placeholder.js" will be accessible


  • This project has been sponsored by e-direct.
  • Idea by Justyna Kowalska.

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