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Follow-up allows you to schedule the creation of nodes, triggered by the creation of a node. That is, it allows you to configure a trigger node type with information on the target nodes and the follow-up schedule, and the module will create a schedule for when the target nodes should be created.

As an example, you may have a questionnaire on which you want to collect additional responses from the same users every month for the next three months. The follow-up module will show a table when each next node is due. The follow-up nodes will, optionally, have a node reference back to the node that triggered the schedule.


This module does not depend on any other modules, however, it can use the Date and Node Reference modules to provide more functionality. It also integrates with Node Reference URL Widget.

Exporting capabilities are provided by installing the Chaos tools suite module.


Once installed, go to ?q=admin/build/followup and click on Add. You will be presented with all the options for configure a follow-up schedule. Once you Save it, it will show up in the table.

You can have as many concurrent follow-up schedules as you want, and each of them will be triggered when a node of the corresponding trigger node type is created.

To Use

Once a follow-up schedule is configured, each follow-up-enabled node will have a new Follow-up tab, accessible from q?=node/123/followup, from where the user is able to add the follow-up nodes.

The module also has Views integration, so that you can create a custom table for displaying the scheduled follow-ups.


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