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Flood exemption permissions

Provides role-based exemption from limits on the number of actions of a particular type.

Sample usage: allow given roles unlimited use of contact forms as provided by the core Contact module.

By default there is flood control on usage of contact forms in the core Contact module such that users are limited to (e.g., using a site contact form) that a given user can take per hour. Using Flood exemption, you can allow given roles unlimited use of the contact forms.


This module provides permissions in the form "flood control exemption for [type]" where [type] is the type of flood event at Administer > User management > Access control. For example, if you have the contact module enabled, you might see the permission "flood control exemption for contact". Users in roles assigned this permission will be exempt from flood control and will be able to post unlimited contacts.

Note: flood exemption relies on existing records in the flood control system to determine what types exist and therefore should have permissions. Therefore, it may be necessary to seed events prior to setting permissions. To do so, carry out an action subject to flood control. For example, use the contact form. Then visit the user management access control page, where you should see the relevant permission available.

This module is partially supported by CivicActions.

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