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Flickr Rippr reads for users latest public photos, and turns these into content (nodes) on your drupal website.

You need only publish to, and they will automagically appear on your drupal website after each cron run. Join this up with the Views module and make photo galleries, blocks, and other awesomes.

Example available on author's blog:

requires the Flickr API module.


  • Import latest (or all) photos for a flickr user
  • Multiple flickr accounts per drupal user
  • syncs tags from as terms in a drupal taxonomy vocab.
  • syncs comments from flickr, saved as drupal comments
  • Can be configured to only import photos with a chosen tag or tags
  • Views Integration - photos, metadata, comments, tags, geo data, flickr accounts
  • Import latest photos from flickr group (new, beta, nodes will be owned by anoymous)
  • Configurable size of jpegs on teaser or full page view
  • Option to save jpeg photo file locally on your sever instead of serving from
  • Import latest photos on hook_cron and/or manual update of individual accounts.
  • Integration with Shadow Box module
  • Javascript timeline of imported photos
  • Imports geo data, display on google map

Features coming soon

  • integration with Creative Commons module
  • Importing sets

Drupal 7

What's working in D7:

  • the base module - Editing accounts, importing flickr content
  • Geo location data import, but no display until gmap module updates to drupal 7
  • Views integration (but no maps until gmap module updates to drupal 7


See also the Flickr Batch Import module for importing very large amounts of photos from Flick using the Drupal Batch API.

Please note: before modifying the output from this module, you should probably read Flickr's Community Guidelines - which requires a link back to the photo on

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