This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module (originally created by DriesK) is an alternative way of displaying your photo albums using Flash, inside a Drupal environment.

Flash gallery module depends on image module and image gallery module. It takes existing images and galleries, prepares a custom xml-feed from them, and injects the feed into an embedded Flash file. This module is based on Simpleviewer, a free (but, alas, not open-source) customizable Flash image viewing application written by Felix Turner from Airtight Interactive.


Flash Gallery is not compatible with Image module 5.x-1.3+.

Maintainer of 6.x

Daniel Tome will be maintaining the Drupal 6.x version.
If you have any questions he is usually on IRC (as danieltome) freenode: #drupal-au, #drupal and also will try to reply to the issues as soon as possible.


Download Image module: Image Project page
And enabled, Image and Image Gallery modules.

Demo of Simpleviewer

Simpleviewer example

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