This module makes content recommendations based on users Fivestar votes. It provides two types of recommendations:

  • "Users who liked this also liked": Shows a list of nodes on a node's page. Recommendations are computed based on whether the the nodes received similar Fivestar ratings from users.
  • "Recommendations for you": Shows a list of recommended nodes to the current user based on the user's previous ratings. This is personalized recommendations to each particular user.

The recommendations are provided with the Views module and are fully customizable.

See the README.txt file for technical details.

Design Philosophy

Unlike the Fivestar module that supports voting on different entity types using different tags, this module tries to be simple and does not support the following features:

  • Recommend contents other than the "node" entity type.
  • Filter by tags (only supports the default "vote" tag)
  • Filter by "node type" prior to recommendation computation. (Note: you can always filter by "node type" in Views settings post-computation.
  • Compute recommendations using algorithms other than the item-based collaborative filtering approach.

You have to customize the module on the code level to eliminate those limitations. See details in README.txt.

Also, this module only supports Fivestar , not other Voting API modules. To enable recommender support for Vote Up/Down or Plus 1, please install Points Voting Recommender. To support other Voting API modules, you can create new customized modules based on this one.



Use the 7.x-4.x release which supports Recommender API 7.x-6.x. All other previous releases are not supported anymore.

Project information