Drag and drop into a file field, right from the scald library.

The 'FileField Sources Scald' module allows drag and drop from Scald into a file or image field. If building a site from scratch, we highly recommend using the Scald Atom Reference sub-module, included with Scald. However, in some cases, you may need to continue using an existing File, Video or Image field and would like to add Scald drag and drop functionality without adding a new field.

This module takes advantage of the wonderful FileField Sources module and provides an additional source of Scald File. Once enabled, the Scald DnD library will appear and you can drag and drop atoms into the existing file, video or image field and attach the existing file from the atom instead of duplicating it in the file system by uploading again.

The module currently only works with nodes, though we hope to provide support for other entity types soon.

Critical Dependencies


The FileField Sources Scald module was developed by Mobomo and Inner File Software.

Many thanks to the developers who helped me author this module: DarrellDuane and scotself.

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