Attempting to update (via drush) from 3.11 to 3.12, drush reports success, but "Available updates" at admin/reports/updates still shows the old version, despite drush cc all.

Going into sites/all/modules, the .info file shows version = "6.x-3.12." I've grepped around on the server, and there are no old copies of the module anywhere. I also tried updating manually, with the same results; I made sure to delete 3.11 first to ensure I had a clean copy of 3.12. Have googled around extensively but this issue for most folks seems to be due to old versions in the sites/all/modules filespace.

I've never seen this happen before, and it seems very odd. I would love to avoid uninstalling / reinstalling if possible, given the extra work it will involve to bring the filefield and imagefield data back in.

Thanks in advance.


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This turned out to be a forehead-slapper, and nothing to do with filefield (or drupal).

I was on the wrong server. My client's webhost had moved them to a new server, but the old one was still in place and that's where I was logging in.