Field slide show j360

this module provide field display format as 360 degree slideshow/image rotate
with power of jquery.
easy to use easy configuration.
use full for commerce and online shopping sites product display.



drupal_threesixty_slider jquery library this is a drupal version of threesixty-slider.

1. Download Require module Libraries and Extract the contents of this project into sites/all/modules/
2. Download Field slideshow j360 and Extract the contents of this project into sites/all/modules/
3. Download jquery library drupal_threesixty_slider and Extract the contents of this library sites/all/libraries/drupal_threesixty_slider
js library path look like sites/all/libraries/drupal_threesixty_slider/drupal-threesixty-slider.1.0.js

4. Enable modules


You must have a content type with a field of type "Image" with the possibility
to upload an unlimited number of images.
now go for display settings and select "Slideshow j360" for you field and set height and width as your theme required and set navigation display or not.

Important Note

This functionality/module required a set of sequins images.
If you see your images rotate opposite side of navigation then Edit you node and change you images upload sequins.
like before
image_1 ,
image_2 ,
image_3 ,
image_4 ,


image_5 ,
image_4 ,
image_3 ,
image_2 ,

Project information