This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Field Permissions Plus provides View Own Field and Edit Own Field permissions for CCK fields. It provides this functionality by superceding and expanding on the Content Permissions module packaged with CCK, granting access to fields whether a given user has View Field or View Own Field permission.

"Own" refers to ownership of the node. The author is able to View/Edit their "own" fields.

This solves #363950: Edit own field permission.

Compatibility Issues

Turn off Content Permissions. Field Permissions Plus provides the same functionality.

CCK Private Fields and CCK Field Privacy both operate based on node-by-node approvals, user relationships, and so on. This module provides static permissions.

For Developers

Future directions for Field Permissions Plus include expanding this functionality to a more abstract framework and dropping "View/Edit Own Fields" to a demonstrative sub-module.

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