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The Field Indexer module indexes field data into Drupal's search index. Each field enabled for indexing becomes a type of index entry. Then, with an appropriate search module, users may perform keyword searches restricted by field.

Support for performing keyword searches restricted by field has been added to Faceted Search.

One could imagine similar support being added to Views' Search terms filter, for example, although no one have stepped up.

The package

Field Indexer is in fact a bundle of modules:

  • Field Indexer: Provides a configuration page where the site administrator may select which fields to index. This module also provides a basic API for field indexing modules.
  • Node Field Indexer: Implements indexing for core node data (only the node title is supported at the moment).
  • CCK Field Indexer: Implements indexing for CCK fields.

Field Indexer allows other types of fields to be indexed by separate modules.


For support requests, bug reports, and feature requests, please use Field Indexer's issue queue.
Please DO NOT send bug reports through e-mail or personal contact forms, use the aforementioned issue queue instead.
For general discussions about Field Indexer (or other Drupal search solutions), you are invited to join the Search group.

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