This module extends the Field Group module and provides a "Table" group format, which renders the fields it contains in a table. The first column of the table contains the field labels and the second column contains the rendered fields.

Comparison with other modules

Field group multiple: this module also offers a "Table" group formatter, but it was designed to deal with multivalued fields. As such, it renders every value of multivalued fields in their own table cell, every row containing value n of all the fields in the group. This is an awesome way to unclutter multivalued fields, but it also means the module requires all fields it contains to have the same cardinality and that some field types don't work very well. In contrast, this module will render the field value normally, embedded in a single table cell. For more information see this issue: #1480204: Comparison with field_group_multiple



  • Ensure the module's dependencies are met
  • Install the module by placing it in sites/all/modules and enabling it
  • Profit!


Go to any "manage fields" or "manage display" page where you would like to add your field group, and create a field group as usual. Now you can choose "Table" as the group format.

Label visibility

This option determines how to display the Field group label and description.

  • Hidden: doesn't print anything
  • Above table: prints the label and description above the table
  • Table caption: prints only the label as a semantically correct <caption> element within the table

Column headers

Use these fields to add a table header.

Field label displaying

The module normally displays the field labels in the first column. But you can control this behavior for every field in the table by configuring their "label display". The default "Above" will display the label in the first column of the table and the module will attempt to hide the label in the second column. "Inline" and "Hidden" won't display the field label in the first column and the module won't alter the display of the label in the second column.

In some cases it may be simpler to check the "Always show field label" option. With this option, the module will attempt to display the field label for every field in the first column. The label display option is ignored, and is best set to "Hidden" to prevent the label from displaying in the second column as well.

Empty label behavior

This setting determines how the module will deal with the situation of missing labels, which happens in some cases or depending on your configuration of the field label display. It can be set to always display the first cell of a row, even if it will be empty, or you can choose to merge both cells. In that case the cell will span the full width of the table.


#1320780: Add "table" format to field group widget


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