This module provides a field group display formatter, that groups containing fields within an anchor (link) tag.

The destination of the link can be set from:

* A link field (in Drupal 8 core, contrib module for Drupal 7)
* An entity reference field (in Drupal 8 core, contrib module for Drupal 7)
* A file field (in Drupal 7 & 8 core)
* A custom url (with support for token replacement).
* The page of the current entity (useful for teasers) - whenever the entity type supports this.


This module requires the Field Group module.
If you are using field group version 8.3 or higher, use the 8.3 version of this module.

There are no config or schema changes between 8.1 and 8.3 (you should be able to upgrade without any issues).


You must ensure the output markup is valid HTML. For example, do not place link fields inside a field group link (as this would result in a nested link). It is recommended that you do not place text area fields inside (without using a text format that would ensure contents are valid for an anchor tag).

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