This module provides a field group display formatter, that groups containing fields within an anchor (link) tag.

The destination of the link can be set from:

* A link field (in Drupal 8 core, contrib module for Drupal 7)
* An entity reference field (in Drupal 8 core, contrib module for Drupal 7)
* A file field (in Drupal 7 & 8 core)
* A custom url (with support for token replacement).
* The page of the current entity (useful for teasers) - whenever the entity type supports this.


This module requires the Field Group module.
For Drupal 8 you must use the version the 8.x-1.0-rc6 or higher of the Field Group module.


You must ensure the output markup is valid HTML. For example, do not place link fields inside a field group link (as this would result in a nested link). It is recommended that you do not place text area fields inside (without using a text format that would ensure contents are valid for an anchor tag).

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