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Provides fieldgroups for colorbox triggers and for colorbox popups. This is useful if you would like certain fields of an entity to appear in a popup, instead being displayed immediately on the entity's page.



  • Download and enable this module and its dependencies, as normal
  • Check 'Enable colorbox inline' here: /admin/config/media/colorbox


  • Go to your entity type's 'Manage Display' screen
  • Create a 'Colorbox trigger' field group
  • Put fields in there that you want the user to click on
  • Create a 'Colorbox popup' field group
  • Put fields in there that you want in the popup itself


  • Each trigger-popup pair needs to share an identical "pair ID", which you can change in the field group instance settings, right there on the Manage Display screen. This allows you to have more than one colorbox setup in the same view mode. (or even multiple triggers for the same popup)
  • In the trigger field group you can set a "gallery" mode, similar to the Colorbox image field formatter.

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