By using Field Group it's possible to easily turn an entity form into a multipage form, however
the paging can only be done on client side which has several disadvantages

  1. Validation of form fields is very basic, real validation is done after the form is submitted
    and often user will have to return to previous pages to correct the entered values
  2. More complex multi page forms often dynamically change what user see in next steps depending on the
    data entered in previous steps, now that the form pages are ajaxified there is no limitation
  3. When the form is complex and has many pages with different fields it can become considerably heavy
    to load since by using only javascript for hiding / showing related fields to each page, the whole
    form needs to be loaded

This module addresses thess issues by making it possible to enable ajax for multipage groups
It also provides developers with special variables attached to form array regarding page status
to allow them further customize the form depending on active page

Also it works with any forms even custom ones!
Notice : Currently admin user create account form admin/people/create is not supported due to a bug in core #208790: Changing "Create new account" button text breaks admin/user/user/create form


- Setup your multipage field groups as usual for your entity/node
- In your entity/node fields list , edit your multipage field group properties and check Ajaxify option

If you're a developer and like to implement more complex multi page forms you can use the following
- $form_state['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_enabled']
- $form_state['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_group']

Sample code for using these variables :

function hook_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {
  if (isset($form_state['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_enabled']))
  if ($form_state['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_enabled']) {
    $step = empty($form_state['storage']['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_step']) ? 1 : $form_state['storage']['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_step'];
    $page_group = $form_state['field_group_ajaxified_multipage_group'];
    if ($page_group['children'][$step-1] == 'group_two') {
      $form['actions']['skip'] = $form['actions']['next'];
      $form['actions']['skip']['#value'] = t('Skip this step');
      $form['actions']['skip']['#limit_validation_errors'] = array();

    if ($step == count($page_group['children'])) {

Sample code for enableling for custom developed forms :

function myform() {
    $form['#groups_custom'] = array (
      'group_measurements' => array(
        'group_name' => 'group_measurements',
        'label' => 'Measurements',
        'format_type' => 'multipage',
        'children' => array (
      'group_goal' => array(
        'group_name' => 'group_goal',
        'label' => 'Goal',
        'format_type' => 'multipage',
        'children' => array (
      'group_steps' => array(
        'group_name' => 'group_steps',
        'label' => 'Steps',
        'format_type' => 'multipage-group',
        'children' => array (
        'format_settings' => array (
          'label' => 'Steps',
          'instance_settings' => array (
            'ajaxify' => '1',
            'classes' => ' group-steps field-group-multipage-group',
            'page_header' => '3',
            'page_counter' => '1',
            'move_button' => '1',
            'move_additional' => '1',
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