This module provides:
- A formatter for reference fields
- A views field for reference fields (called "Field extracted from entity referenced through $field")

The formatter / views field determines the entity type of the entities being referenced,
and allows you to select a field available on that entity type, as well as the formatter
to be used for displaying that field.
Then, during display, the values of that field are taken from all referenced entities,
passed to the selected formatter, and displayed.

This means that if a node references three products:
- Product A (20$, Color: Red, Size: Small)
- Product B (30$, Color: Green, Size: Medium)
- Product C (40%, Color: Blue, Size: Large)
Showing the product reference field with the "Field Extractor" formatter
will output all the prices available (or all colors, or all sizes, etc).

The supported reference fields are: commerce_product_reference, entityreference, taxonomy_term_reference.

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