Module description

Countdown timer field module allows you to create countdown timer field to count the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until a specified event. The module uses jQuery Countdown Timer to display the countdown timer in a nice graphical way.

This module is very useful for event content types where you want to display countdown timer for the event.

Requirements / Dependencies

Recommended versions of Countdown Timer Field!

I recommend version 7.x-3.0. All the bugs recently posted are fixed in this release. This completed tested and bug less release. Created separate javascript file so that translation of javascript strings is possible. Works fine in views with multiple occurrences as well.
When date and time of timer expires then the timer disappears and you can also set "Behavior if no results are available " in views.
No database changes done in this release. You can simply replace the new version with old version.

More feature requests are always welcome.


  • Place the entire field_countdown directory into your Drupal sites modules directory (eg sites/all/modules).
  • Enable this module by navigating to: Administration > Modules.
  • This module have dependency on date_popup and libraries module.
  • Download jQuery Countdown Timer Library from . Install it in sites/all/libraries directory, and rename the directory to jquery-countdown. The library should be available at a path like sites/all/libraries/jquery-countdown/assets/countdown/jquery.countdown.js .


Please read the step by step instructions as an example to use this module below:-

Install the module.

  • Go to admin/structure page. Click on manage fields of any content type.
  • Add new field and select "Countdown Timer Field" From Field type.
  • Now your timer field is ready to use.
  • Click on Manage Display link to select how do you want to display this field.
  • There are 4 display formats available:-
    1. jQuery Countdown Timer without text timer.
    2. jQuery Countdown Timer with text timer.
    3. Date and time as string.
    4. Unix time stamp.

Project Information