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This module allows administrators to define custom tokens for any field_collection fields on their nodes.

The 'token' display mode is used for rendering subsituted field_collection fields. Rendering falls back to 'default' display mode if 'token' mode is not used.

Best used together with token_filter so users can use tokens in textareas to target field_collection values.

NOTE: This module is fresh out of the sandbox and still under heavy development. Use with caution and please provide feedback if things don't seem to go as planned.




On admin/structure/field-collections/tokens, a token field is available for every defined field_collection field. Just add custom token names and save.

Example scenario

  • field_example is a field_collection field, added to node type Article
  • token_filter is installed and 'substitute tokens' is added to 'full_html' input type
  • on admin/structure/field-collections/tokens, filter [example] is defined for 'field_example'
  • on an Article node, filter [example:1] is added to the body
  • on an Article node, filter [example:2] is added to the body
  • on an Article node, filter [example:all] is added to the body


When the article is displayed, the first two tokens will be replaced by the example field_collection's first and second values. The third token will be replaced by all the values.

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