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Feeds Topics adds to Feeds the ability to watch topics (i.e., keywords) from multiple sources. To do so, it provides a FeedsFeedNodeProcessor-compatible parser that "parses" known RSS sources to automatically create Feed nodes.

Basic usage

  • Enable Feeds and this module.
  • Create a new content type Feed.
  • Create a new importer with the following settings:
    • Attached to: Feed
    • Fetcher = HTTP Fetcher
    • Parser = Common syndication parser
    • Processor = Node processor with any suitable configuration
  • Create a new content type Topic.
  • Create a new importer with the following settings:
    • Attached to: Topic
    • Fetcher = Null fetcher
    • Parser = Topic parser
    • Processor = Feed Node processor with content type = Feed and mapping url (manually entered) to Feed source
  • Create a new Topic node and type a keyword in the Topic keywords field.
  • When you import feed items for this node, new feeds of type Feed will be created with the appropriate keywords in the source URL.

How it works

The FeedsTopicParser plugin invokes hook_feeds_topics_providers which expects an array of RSS sources, e.g.:

function mymodule_feeds_topics_providers() {
  return array(
      'name' => 'Google Blog Search',
      'create_url' => 'google_blogsearch_create_url',
      'source' => 'Google',
      'type' => 'Blogs',

function google_blogsearch_create_url($topic) {
  return sprintf('"%s"&ie=utf-8&num=10&output=atom', $topic);


Feeds Topics is sponsored by AdHack.

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