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Feeds Options

When import term field data through feeds. Feeds module provide 2 config options:
Search taxonomy terms by Term name
Search taxonomy terms by Term id

use case

In some use case, we need Search taxonomy terms by a field. For example,
vocabulary: country ,
Content type: document
Field: field_country, attached to "document", reference terms from "country" vocabulary.
Field:field_country_code, attached to "country" vocabulary.

When import data to "document", we need add a mapping to field_country, There are 2 config options, search by name, search by tid.But what we need at here is Search taxonomy terms by field "field_country_code".

This module provide "Search taxonomy terms by Field" base on feeds tamper module, it add a new feeds tamper plugin "Search term by Field".

How to use it:

1,At feeds mapping config form, we choose "Search taxonomy terms by Term id".
2,At feeds tamper config page, add "Search term by Field" to your mapping, there are three options: Vocabulary, Field internal name, auto create.
Here is my example config:
Vocabulary: country
Field internal name:field_country_code
auto create: checed.


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