The plugin to add
Textarea to execute code

Feeds Tamper PHP provides a small and simple plugin to execute PHP code and modify data before it gets saved.


- Feeds
- Feeds Tamper

How to use Feeds Tamper PHP

- Install Feeds, Feeds Tamper and Feeds Tamper PHP
- Create and configure a feed importer
- In your feed importer add an "Execute php code" plugin
- Write your own php code and return modified data. You have two variables: $field (containing the field value) and $item (containing all values of the item being imported).

e.g. if you're importing a CSV file with fields named "Field1" and "Field2", the corresponding values for each line will be available in $item['field1'] and $item['field2']. (Please note that keys in $item are always lowercase!)

Drupal 8

A Drupal 8 version will be developed when Feeds and Feeds Tamper will have their stable versions.


Before posting any issue, please, be sure you have a very good understanding of Feeds and Feeds Tamper.

This module was initially sponsored by CONDESAN and FAO and developed by asanchez75 and is now sponsored by m3S and developed by meSte.

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