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A Feeds processor plugin that can be used to populate the fields of a content type using a remote source. It uses Feeds' attachment ability to make Feeds-based import workflows more extensible.

It allows you to use the Feeds module as an importer for single objects instead of only lists of items. In Feeds' terms, the Feed is also the Feed Item / Feed Node.

In most cases, the Node Processor is configured with a type of node you want to create, and with this you don't need that option.

You may need this is if your data source has remote data in both a list and in more detail in its main display.

Use case:

  • An API that allows you to get a list, and get an item, but not a list and its items with all their properties.
  • The data source you are importing is a web page with a list, and each item has values only available on their main content page.


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