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This module is FeedAPI addon that filters feeditems bases on tags. When a feeditem contains a tag of these filtertags, there will be no new node created. (The tag_filter does a nice job but needs more work). There is administration screen with a form and a checkbox list of all the tags of selected vocabularies where an admin can check or uncheck tags. Selected tags will be submitted to a table and these will be the tags to filter out the feeds. (Default for all the feeds)


FeedAPI Tag Filter 6.x depends on the


1. Extract the module folder to your sites/all/modules directory. Make sure you have enabled FeedAPI and FeedAPI Item Filter modules.
2. Enable the module in admin/build/modules.
3. Set vocabularies in admin/settings/feedtagfilter/vocabulary and tags in admin/settings/feedtagfilter
4. Create new feed.


Developed by Tamer Zoubi and Sponsored by Prosite

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