Download farm-7.x-1.0-beta15-core.tar.gztar.gz 18.87 MB
MD5: 9358b489b18b742c74ccf48e97f56dc2
SHA-1: 4b872554931edc49026f26a49651ec8a3760cdef
SHA-256: 7cb951a04509068d417994d691ec2e68959ab14d6ba629f2bcc106764d4c7f72
Download farm-7.x-1.0-beta15-core.zipzip 22.73 MB
MD5: ac16c3942c3e0eeedbfd3164e7f4ad24
SHA-1: 51dc48b4536fe6e4e3d1da9bd213408a93da3fb8
SHA-256: 688b3ebc150dc81dbaf6541f66fdf2e7daff17b9a396cc94011bcba6fdae66b8
Download farm-7.x-1.0-beta15-no-core.tar.gztar.gz 15.69 MB
MD5: d57ca5628643c3250c121873d87d9280
SHA-1: 05d39378568735f46218eb5f0a17292157e9551b
SHA-256: 8b6d5d453dc7dbc9f0ce3502193ef6ae8d71a38da1f7c58299b17f875441031c
Download farm-7.x-1.0-beta15-no-core.zipzip 18.77 MB
MD5: 27afb7e7e795c9fe2c41d4325f17a443
SHA-1: f33d56a3f9f35885f1c1ed6cb9161887ab48b43e
SHA-256: 845c897359d85a567421fcce3b10d51ab79128e6743599cb55110a86120e6fcc
Download farm-7.x-1.0-beta15.tar.gztar.gz 237.83 KB
MD5: cfd53a8b8c8d8b6f7cff75c1278e9992
SHA-1: 3b25a3727559347c06d4445bc08c4197c76c56b9
SHA-256: a322ff0e44509f2b688973513f075af254028eb4fabd83d8af48c7bc729b461f
Download farm-7.x-1.0-beta15.zipzip 362.1 KB
MD5: 063e5e878395891c46663b6a792b317f
SHA-1: 6365c3de209f94126be1a46247e288ca5878a978
SHA-256: 89a4f0db7df735e4539e5e443354a5b6199d133cb38e9aa319242c422641797e

Release info

Created by: m.stenta
Created on: 22 Aug 2017 at 18:42 UTC
Last updated: 23 Aug 2017 at 14:14 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

This release fixes a few bugs in the beta14 release. There are a few minor feature additions, but this should be considered a relatively minor update from beta14.

New features

Change "Last login" to "Last access" in /farm/people.
Require 'view any sensor farm assets' permission to view sensor data.
Add GPLv2 LICENSE.txt (

Bug fixes

#2901421: Farm dashboard is not installed in 7.x-1.0-beta14
#2902053: Access denied on log imports
If there are no assets/logs in an area, do not display label in area details.
#2902064: Logs are not being auto-associated with assets
#2903890: Pre-populating multiple assets in log forms broken
#2903916: Circular dependency between farm_fields and farm_taxonomy

Contrib module updates

Entity Reference: 1.5 (
Views: 3.17 (

In this package

Project Version Status
Entity API 7.x-1.8
Not secure
Bootstrap 7.x-3.14
Update available
1 patch applied
Chaos tool suite (ctools) 7.x-1.12
Update available
1 patch applied
Entity Reference View Widget 7.x-2.0-rc7
Update available
1 patch applied
Feeds 7.x-2.0-beta3
Update available
1 patch applied
Feeds Tamper 7.x-1.1
Update available
Field Group 7.x-1.5
Update available
Job Scheduler 7.x-2.0-alpha3
Update available
Log entity 7.x-1.9
Update available
Views 7.x-3.17
Update available
Bootstrap Tour 7.x-2.5
Up to date
1 patch applied
Colorbox 7.x-2.13
Up to date
Date 7.x-2.10
Up to date
Diff 7.x-3.3
Up to date
Entity reference 7.x-1.5
Up to date
EXIF Orientation 7.x-1.2
Up to date
Features 7.x-2.10
Up to date
Field collection 7.x-1.0-beta12
Up to date
1 patch applied
Fraction 7.x-1.5
Up to date
Geocoder 7.x-1.3
Up to date
Geofield 7.x-2.3
Up to date
1 patch applied
geoPHP 7.x-1.x-dev
Up to date
1 patch applied
Inline Entity Form 7.x-1.8
Up to date
jQuery Update 7.x-3.0-alpha5
Up to date
Libraries API 7.x-2.3
Up to date
Libraries CDN API 7.x-1.7
Up to date
Module Filter 7.x-2.1
Up to date
Multiupload Filefield Widget 7.x-1.13
Up to date
Multiupload Imagefield Widget 7.x-1.3
Up to date
Navbar 7.x-1.7
Up to date
Openlayers 7.x-3.1
Up to date
8 patches applied
Openlayers Geolocate Button 7.x-3.2
Up to date
Pathauto 7.x-1.3
Up to date
1 patch applied
Pathauto Entity 7.x-1.0
Up to date
Registry Autoload 7.x-1.3
Up to date
RESTful Web Services 7.x-2.7
Up to date
Role Delegation 7.x-1.1
Up to date
Service Container 7.x-1.0-beta5
Up to date
Strongarm 7.x-2.0
Up to date
Token 7.x-1.7
Up to date
Views Bulk Operations (VBO) 7.x-3.4
Up to date
Views data export 7.x-3.2
Up to date
Views GeoJSON 7.x-1.0-beta3
Up to date
Views tree 7.x-2.0
Up to date

Patches applied in this package

Projectsort descending Patch issue Patch URL
Bootstrap #2634358: Multiple collapsible fieldsets have broken triggers in BS3.3.4
Bootstrap Tour #2533524: Tours not starts: tours should use their unique names when build the tour configuration to avoid local storage collisions
Chaos tool suite (ctools) #1803104: Modal dialog position after ajax load is not refreshed
Drupal core
Entity Reference View Widget #2524296: Checkbox titles missing with Bootstrap theme
Feeds #2379631: field_attach_validate() must be called before programmatic entity saves
Field collection #1063434: Add Feeds integration to FieldCollection
Geofield #1350320: Openlayers 2.13 breaks ability to delete features
geoPHP #2625348: Use BCMath for GeoPHP arithmetic
Openlayers #2543130: Mechanism for defining base layers
Openlayers #2688029: Map instances removed by Drupal.detachBehaviors() in ajax forms
Openlayers #2620098: Elements dependency
Openlayers #2755899: Geocode button doesn't work
Openlayers #2880034: Geofield label shows for empty fields
Openlayers #2680273: Allow zooming past Google Map limit
Openlayers #2687781: Trigger JS when popup is displayed
Openlayers #2762367: openlayers_widget_geocode() should be in Openlayers
Pathauto #2582655: Pathauto 7.x-1.3 causes timeouts with SQLite

External code in this package

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