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Ajaxifies Faceted search. With this module you can search with the Faceted search module without page reload.


It can reduce page reloading. If the selected result-insertion-type is prepend or append, the selected region's content will be still there, and you can use that for any interaction with the search results (ex: creating javascript events for inserting a result into somewhere, or creating drag & drop events).

How to install?

  • Download and enable this module
  • If you don't have any working faceted search environment, create one, and put it's blocks into the appropriate region (your choice)
  • Visit the block admin page (admin/build/block) and put the [Faceted ajax search - results] block where you want to load search results.

I developed this module at Pronovix, contact us for Drupal consulting or development jobs: http://pronovix.com.

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  • Last modified: November 27, 2014
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