This project provides a new display widget for Facets called "Links with scroll". It will show a throbber/spinner after clicking one of the facet links and scroll the screen to the facet on next page load.

It's a very simple module that's developed because I worked on a project where the client didn't like starting at the top of the page every time they selected a facet on mobile devices. This module is a simple alternative to fetching new results with AJAX.

This module requires the following modules:

Recommended modules:

  • Search API: is a search module that provides facet support and integration with multiple search servers like Apache Solr.
  • Search API Solr: integrates with Search API and provides a Apache Solr server support.



  • A max screen width before the throbber/scroll functionality activates.
  • Custom whitespace above the element used to create the scroll offset.
  • A list of options with different "scroll to" elements (if the "parent" option is selected, you can then provide your own selector, if you don't use the default facet-blocks, created by the Facet API module.
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