This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module will provide you the ability to modify the content that is shared on Facebook.

You can configure different areas of Facebook

  • Post
  • Title of the Post
  • Link to the title
  • Image in the post, so some random image will not get shared
  • Caption of the post
  • Description of the post
  • Display of the Facebook dialog

This feature can be enabled on specific content types.

This module uses Facebook's Dialog API, and it requires that you have a Facebook Application and its APP ID


Drupal 7 - full support
Drupal 6 - bug fixes

UPDATE !!!!!

We have released our second rc, we are in the final stretch and should have a stable release soon (this rc2 is also stable though :-) no major bug found). A big thank you to the maintainers for assisting with the development and testing of the rc.

7.x version will have

  • Tokens integration - DONE
  • User points integration - DONE
  • Different sharing settings for different content types - DONE
  • A similar twitter integration - Added to the list - not in progress

Author and Maintainer

The Facebook you share was originally thought of and developed by: swarad07

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